Black Sparrow

Not exactly a great pic, but I've never seen this birdie before and hence is shot :)
Am guessing this is a Lark Bunting

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Cat On The Wall

Now that am home with almost nil travelling... trying to capture few of my neighbors :)
(All long shots)

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The Eagle has Landed

There is an Eagle in me that wants to soar.....

    (A regular visitor in our backyard)

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My Game... My Rules

We neither need Barbie Dolls...
Nor G.I.Joes...
Nor Legos..
Nor an X-Box...
Nor a PS3...

We create our games.... our rules....
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Lighting Thy Way

Light House @ Fort Aguada - Goa

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Another Beautiful Sunset

The last picture... The last sunset shot from our previous house before moving to our own nest :-)
Shot on mobile phone within seconds in different angles.

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