Just Begin

Thought Thought (Day 62: 31-Aug-2013)

It will give you the strength to finish.

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Hard Work Never Fails

Thought Thought (Day 61: 30-Aug-2013)

The quote means "Any hard work never goes wasted. Someday or the other, it would sprout its roots for your success".

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Thought Thought (Day 60: 29-Aug-2013)

is what is needed in everything you do.

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Thought Thought (Day 59: 28-Aug-2013)

what you want to be and be that.

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Don't Trouble Trouble

Thought Thought (Day 58: 27-Aug-2013)

until trouble troubles you :)

Priyamvatha was the saddest girl anyone knew. She had trouble with all the troubles around her. A friend is in upset over things at home and is moody; Priyamvatha thought it was because of something she did. The bus she boarded to reach office breaks down; she assumes it was because of her bad luck. Mother gets angry with brother over not waking up on time; she thinks it should have been her responsibility to have woken him up and thereby not tense her mom. She believed too much in Chaos Theory and karma that she trusted that all bad things were happening because of her. She goes to the extent that she thought if she finished all the food in her lunch box, famine in Ethiopia would reduce. Sometimes she would starve herself, hoping someone else would get food. That was her.

She was easily influenced by what other people’s opinion. Her entire life ran around what others thought of her and not on how she wanted to be. A friend suggested that they attend a good life and meditation camp held in Dehradun every fortnight. With much doubts, she reached Dehradun in the same mindset that she has to please her friend else something bad will befall either of them.

The meditation in the serene atmosphere gave peace her mind. The good life camp, the knowledge shared by the organizers, the positive attitude of the participants changed her idea of life. She came to an understanding that she was not responsible for all the happenings in life. She had to only consider what affects her. Worrying will not solve the problem; rather it would complicate things further.
When she came back home, she was a changed person. Even trivial things added beauty and meaning to her life. The new Priyamvatha became a healthy, cheerful person all together.

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Thought Thought (Day 57: 26-Aug-2013)

can take anyone places. 

The quote means - A little encouragement can make even a layman into a business tycoon.

Best friends from childhood, Shyama and Poorva always wanted to own their own business. While Shyama was enthusiastic to be her own boss and was technically sound, she lacked the knack to run a business. Poorva, on the other hand was very optimistic and analyzed the pros and cons before any action. With this balanced partnership, they went ahead and set up their own internet center. They rented a small room in a building, which they called the SHYARVA CAFÉ. Business went well until Poorva had to travel to another country and had to leave the business as well.

Without the level headed guidance of Poorva, business started deteriorating and Shyama found herself in soup. Though Shyama had learnt few management skills over the time from Poorva, she lacked the confidence in running it on her own. She missed her friend who helped her use her skills to their benefit.

As a good friend that she is, Poorva started providing guidance to Shyama in running the business. As Shyama picked up the nuances of the trade, all that she lacked was the confidence. Every other day, Poorva made sure to talk to her friend and made her believe is her talent and knowledge. She encouraged her to take up the challenge of running the business on her own. She knew that even an ant can carve a hole in rock with proper encouragement.

Shyama worked on the encouragement and guidance given to her; and within 3 short years she made her small internet café into a renowned media center.  

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Thought Matters

Thought Thought (Day 56: 25-Aug-2013)

To make anything either good or bad. 

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No Worries

Thought Thought (Day 55: 24-Aug-2013)

is all that I need today.

Today I was not able to find contributors for this positive thought project. Ans  I wanted to put up my thought on the 365th day. How could I have a break now.But no worries... Hakuna Matata :D

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Go Crazy

Thought Thought (Day 54: 23-Aug-2013)

And remain sane :)

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Thought Thought (Day 53: 22-Aug-2013)

is wealth. 

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Resist and Master

Thought Thought (Day 52: 21-Aug-2013)

fear and feel courageous.

Sandeep had to take leave of his family and join the army the next day. History had it that all of his fore-fathers had been part of the military in one way or the other. One of his great granddads too had led the land force of King Rajendra Chola. His father had laid his life for his motherland in the Kargil war, when Sandeep was just 6years old. Being an army man was like a family business to him.

Though Sandeep was prepared for this day since the day he was born, he had grown up missing his dad. But it was the pride of their clan to be in the force and he did not want to be the first one to break a tradition. He groomed himself for the role and was recruited into the armed force.  Though he was excited to serve his country, he was all tensed since the way his father breathed his last haunted him.

It was a custom in his family to read an old manuscript, left behind by his fore fathers, before the son in the family was to join the military. Today was Sandeep’s turn. He knew that it was a much revered book in the household and had been an heirloom, but had no clue of what it contained. When he opened the book, there were pages of the heroic acts by all of his great granddads. And the last few pages were a letter to Sandeep from his dad. In it he had written about his own doubts about joining the army and few more incidents which he had appended when he had come home before his return to Kargil. The last line in the note left to Sandeep made him feel stronger, braver and more determined to become part of the serving force.

It read, “Sandeep, I am adding few blank pages to this book so you could come back and write all the experiences you had while you were in the military. I know you would make a name for yourself, the entire nation would know about your service and that you would make all of us proud. You could do all this if you know how to handle your fears. If I am not around when it is your D-day, collect the dog-tag I had worn during my tenure. It will help you through your difficult times. I am already proud of you, son.”
And behind the dog tag it read “Courage is not absence of fear, it is the resistance and mastery over it”.

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Face Change

Thought Thought (Day 51: 20-Aug-2013)

don't just change faces.

Amritha had just earned her degree in journalism and was recruited by one of the leading news channel. She was all excited to explore herself as a professional.

Her first assignment was to interview the leader of social workers commune. As per her curricular knowledge, she prepared to handle the interview. Though she did manage to get an interview, she was neither satisfied with how he responded to her questions nor was she able to extract any extra information from him. This led Amritha to question her skills. She had noticed how her colleagues were all well dressed and presentable. She believed if she too dressed smart, she could do a better job. What she failed to understand was dressing up for the job will alone not suffice.

In her next few assignments too she did just the same. Nothing magical happened. Meanwhile, her team leader had been observing how Amritha was fairing. He believed in Amritha’s caliber and knew what she lacked to realize it. One fine day he called her aside, gave a piece of his mind about what is required of the job and how she could achieve it. While she was still speculating over the discussion she had had, he assigned her to cover one of the talked about event in the city.

Amritha knew in her heart that this was her make or break chance in her career with this organization. She prepared herself to face the challenge, do the required homework about the event and its participants, and present herself with confidence at her task. Her changed attitude in facing the changes brought in good tides her way from then on.

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Give Up

Thought Thought (Day 50: 19-Aug-2013)

the idea of giving up. 

After starting his dream company, reaching mentionable heights in the field, being thrown away from his own company would have made a weak person get into a cocoon with a one-way door.  He knew what success to him was and did not have a second thought about whether to try again or not. He knew never to ever to give up on one’s dream.

He knew the way to win again. He once again started a new organization NeXT Computer, which was acquired by Apple itself and he was back in his parent company as the de facto chief. He went on to rule the entertainment market owning PIXAR and Disney, as well.

Being a true entrepreneur, when his health deteriorated, he stepped down from his pedestal and bid a graceful goodbye to the kingdom he created.
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More or Less

Thought Thought (Day 49: 18-Aug-2013)

is what makes you who you are. 

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Kill Violence

Thought Thought (Day 48: 17-Aug-2013)

with education.............. 

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Make Things

Thought Thought (Day 47: 16-Aug-2013)

Happen. Don't wait for it to happen on its own. 

This is a beautiful quote by JFK. Thanks for sharing with us today, Vidaya .

Ghose loved the feel of different fabrics and took up tailoring as his career. Though he did not make much money, Ghose dedicated his life to stitching beautiful clothes for his customers and lived a meager life. While the clothes he made did its rounds in the elite circuit, he lived a life of a simpleton in a 1BHK he had inherited.

Once, one of his customers brought in bulks of different fabrics, each wrapped in magazine papers. And one such paper had pictures of someone wearing the dresses he had made and a long article on that. The article said the material was from Dubai and was personally designed by the one of the famous designers in Bollywood. That broke his heart.

He never knew until then what he was worth. He had remained unaware of what was happening around him using his skill and talent for designing beautiful clothes. With the help of the same customer who brought in the magazine, he tried contacting the publishers and placed a claim that those clothes were designed by him and not by as mentioned in the article. But nothing happened and he was again back to how he was earlier.

As days went by, his interest in designing clothes deteriorated; he felt cheated by the society.  He was sad that when someone else earned name and fame through his work, his life did not change. He feared that if he stitched any more, the other designer would get the credits.

As his livelihood started to fall apart, Ghose decided he need to make things happen instead of just yearning for it. He came to accept the fact that he indeed was talented and could make his mark in the fashion industry, if he wanted to. He sold the only property he had and with the financial help from few of his regular customers, he opened up a boutique and registered his brand. He started making even prettier clothes that were “only one of its kinds”. His skill was talked about by the designer community and wanted to hire him. Ghose wanted to be his own boss and rejected all the offers. When the rich and famous heard about this, they became his direct clients. As is usual in stories like these, Ghose touched Himalayan heights in his career and remained the unbeatable as long as he lived.

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Live Life

Thought Thought (Day 46: 15-Aug-2013)
To the fullest :)

Preetha had just got married and was in tears. She was forced by her family into marrying this person, to save their reputation. She gave in to their wishes because she loved her family more than herself. But she knew in her heart that this new relationship would not last long.

Within six months into the marriage, everyone else in the family too knew this would not last long. But still they wanted her to continue living with the person, once again to save their reputation. She forgot how to smile, or make friends and even shop anything nice for herself. Preetha decided this time that she has to come to a conclusion for herself else both she and her “husband” would be in pain all through their lives.

She stood to her stand and filed for a divorce. She lived alone for 2 years and that period of being on he own changed her perception of life. She met a guy who was able to make her smile and laugh at silly jokes. Though a little hesitant at first, she learnt to love again.

Preetha took her time in believing a new chapter in her life was opening up in her life. She wanted to be sure that she too could have a happy family of her own. And during the monsoon, she and her guy tied the knot. She knew what happiness in sharing was all about. He taught her it was good to sometimes make bad decisions and face failures, because it helps us to be clear when we take the next step in our lives. He was right; Preetha’s failure taught her to keep her happiness as priority for the first time in her life. She knew with all her heart that she had made the right decision in marrying him.  In spite of few misunderstanding now and then, all she had in her life was love, laughter and happiness.

Seeing her happy, her family too came around and were happy with the turn of events. May be this is what they call the “Happily Ever After…..”.

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Reach Out

Thought Thought (Day 45: 14-Aug-2013)

and grab your success.

In our daily lives, each of us have different version of what success is. To some it is in spirituality, to another it is financial, to the next it is family. The world is full of opportunities. If you can’t find the door, create one and open it up for yourself. Below is the story of Nikita, born to parents who had their origin from the beautiful hilly regions of Sri Lanka.

During the early war days, her parents had immigrated to a small coastal town in Tamil Nadu with their one month old daughter. She grew up listening to stories about how beautiful her motherland was and how the war had taken it all away from the hearts of its citizens. She vowed to herself that one day she, a Sinhale, would do something to ease the pain of her countrymen, even if it is in a small way.

Nikita, now a doctor, became a member of W.H.O because of her selfless nature to help the needy. The only success she wanted in life was to be accepted by her natives. Nikita felt that as a Sinhale, she too had the responsibility in helping rebuild her country. She always felt that as a human, she too was in the wrong for what was done to them over the years of war and tragedy. She wanted the Tamils and Shinales in her country to accept her attempts to repay them in kind.  

As part of W.H.O she reached her birthplace for the first time, only to witness poverty and sickness everywhere.  She did everything that the W.H.O’s textbooks dictated to help the needy and all she faced was rejection from the localities. More than rejecting her health care and treatment, they rejected her because she was a Sinhale who had the opportunity to escape the pains of war. The people saw her as a traitor who left her fellow citizens to suffer while she was able to lead a good life, even if it was in an alien country.

Nikita realized that the people there did not understand the pain they had to endure leaving behind their loved ones, or the struggle she and her parents had to undergo to be accepted into the Indian society, or that even if she was a doctor, she was still a refugee and not a citizen of India, or that she did not enjoy any of the luxuries that these people imagine she did.

In her aim to realize her success, she had the best intention for the villagers as well. She knew that reaching out to them was the only way in which she could reach her goal. From then on, Nikita started to be more open minded about what she was doing for them. She spoke to them about her struggles and prompted them to share their sorrow and pain with her. As days went by, Nikita was accepted as one of their own. They treated her like an angel who was kept safe until then to be was sent to them, to take care of them. With the turn of events, W.H.O made her a permanent medical practitioner in her homeland. This was Nikita’s success. She strongly believed that doing one’s duty alone will not bring success and that we also need to reach out to it to make it ours. 

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Thought Thought (Day 44: 13-Aug-2013)

can makes wonders happen. 

Even as a kid, Ramana was a sports enthusiast. He would force his mom to give him those milk shakes that the commercials claimed to help kids gain intelligence and strength. Without doubt, he was the favorite student of his PT teachers. He took part in all sports activity in his school and won many prizes in both internal and inter-school sports meets.

His parents knew well what their child aspires and did not force him to excel in his studies. They only wanted what was best for him. Ramana did just enough in his studies to get promoted every year. The school management too knew that Ramana was a rare treasure and helped him with whatever support he required. He spent almost all his time into being an ace in all the sports he could get access to. He was good in indoor games like chess,  and table tennis as well as those games that required more physical fitness like cricket and basketball.

While he was in his 7th grade, he had a growth spurt and was the taller than most students his age. He was selected into the school basketball team even before he turned 15. His skill, interest and enthusiasm earned him a place in the state junior level basketball team and he travelled all over the country with his team and brought back accolades. When he was not playing basketball, he was busy making his mark in the TT domain as well.

All went well until his coaches noticed that he was not getting any taller and feared his future in the basketball genre once he graduated from high school. He was only as tall as a normal 15 year old and that was sufficient for a junior team. His growth was hindered after he turned 15. They were worried that this promising star would not make it to the senior level team. Ramana joined a college under its sports quota. Ramana was not accepted into the senior basketball team just as was feared. His small body frame made the coaches from college overlook his gaming skills, though we could see few not-so-tall players in a team.

Recommendations and repeated talks with the coaches did not help. This pushed Ramana in to depression since this was the first rejection he ever faced; and worse still in a game he was good at. He was counseled by professionals, was made to concentrate on the silver lining and to ignore the dark cloud engulfing him.

His medical instability became a threat to his education as well since he was a student enrolled under the sports quote. With his parents’ guidance, Ramana was able to overcome his haunts and started focusing on what he could do next. 

In his dejected mind-set, he had forgotten that he was an ace in Table Tennis as well. He knew height was not a constraint in TT; focused all his energy in that direction and stood up as an individual winner instead of winning trophies just as part of a team. He learnt to live with the things that can't be changed and made changes which would benefit him.
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Ignorance & Confidence

Thought Thought (Day 43: 12-Aug-2013)

Can take you places. 

There was once this dude from a village, who studied hard, scored well and finished his master’s in from a not-so-prominent business school. After multiple rejections from different firms, he made a life changing decision to his attitude and within no time was recruited as an entry level executive with a sales firm.

Though he was the only one among his peers to be not from a top business school, there were always people wanting to listen to him. He had what others lacked. He trained himself to be a very confident guy. In his zeal to win, he ignored all trivialities surrounding his profession. His ignorance over things that could pull him down helped him pull himself up quicker.

His confidence in pitching and presentations won him accolades from the management as well as the clients. The confidence that poured out of him impressed the clients that they trusted the organization as whole; which it in turn brought in lot of business to the firm. He kept climbing the corporate latter faster than was expected. He did not hold the growth to himself; he helped his co-workers realise the magic of confidence and they all grew up together.

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Be Like A River

Thought Thought (Day 42: 11-Aug-2013)

Keep moving on......... 

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Take Flight

Thought Thought (Day 41: 10 Aug 2013)

Against the wind and win. 

There was once this old fish in a small pond. He had always lived there. His family and the generations before him. It was in the midst of dense trees a little away from the concrete jungle. The pond was fed by a stream from up north. The fishes had the perfect home they could ask for; hidden from man by the trees, water cooled by the shady trees and allowing just enough sun to warm them.

Only few urchin kids from the houses on the edge knew of this pond. They loved it and the fishes were their friends. They used to bring treats for them like worms and puffed rice. The kids used to trace the path of the watering stream and play in it for hours together.

In the increasing hunt for land, humans started encroaching this area as well. They decided to empty the pond and use up all the area to build high rise living quarters. This fish in our story sensed something was amiss. He noticed too much of movement and noise around their abode. He warned the other fishes in the pond but they did not to believe him. They were so used to the comfort and had taken for granted that nothing bad will befall them.

In the following days, the other fishes too observed that the kids were shooed away by grown-up humans. Suddenly, there was such a force in the pond that the water seemed to move fast towards one direction. The younger fish in the pond got excited to see this gushing movement in their ever-silent pond and leapt in to the direction, never to be seen again.  The wise old fish sensed it was against the nature of the pond and adviced the rest to move up the stream before it was too late.

Since the missing of the younger fish, the rest of the crowd trusted the elder fish and started their tiring journey against the flow of water, towards the stream’s source. As you would have guessed by now, the pond was emptied and a dam was built along the stream. All the fishes from the pond made a wise move to go against the direction of flow and survived to tell their story to the generations to come.

When things go against you, realize that things are not always the way it should be and take the path not taken and succeed.
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Leave The Past

Thought Thought (Day 40: 9-Aug-2013)

It has nothing new to offer. Look out for all the wonders that are placed in front of you :) 

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Thought Thought (Day 39: 8-Aug-2013)

Never Ever Quit. 

Soon after her little bundle of joy arrived, Karka kept complaining of mild pain in the chest more often than ever. Elders at home and her husband narrowed it down to motherhood and that it was because she was not nursing the baby. Karka too accepted the pain with guilt, since she was not nursing the baby due to medical conditions and was advised not to by the doctors.

Months passed but her pain did not vanish.  Home remedies and pain related treatment did not help. A TV show on breast cancer set a spark of doubt in her. She approached  a cancer institute and was diagnosed with what she feared it would be.

All the chemo, bad appetite, weight loss and balding head pushed her into depression. This in turn took a toll on her family as well. She stopped caring for her little child as she thought she would anyway die before the kid knew its mother well.

A long lost friend hers heard of the plight and decided to help her. She did not meet her or call her up to provide moral support. All she did was send a HUGE poster with a note to Karka’a husband to put it up in a place that Karka would see most of the time.

The poster irritated Karka and she deemed her friend to be insensible. She screamed that her friend did not know what she was going through, that it was always easy to advice and also tried to destroy the poster. But her husband knew the best thing to do was to keep it where it was.

As days went by, the words in the poster started making sense to her. It had these powerful sentence “Winners never quit and Quitters never win.” It was telling her to get up and live her life to fullest. Karka then decided to have one rule is life - “Never Quit” and every time she had a bad day, she remembered the rule of her life.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to a year and she fought her cancer and she won. She is a survivor, she is a winner.

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Opportunity Is

Thought Thought (Day 38: 7-Aug-2013)

is available everywhere. 

There was this chubby chap who lived in a posh manor. He had all the money to enjoy the luxuries in the world. The only luxury he was interested in was eating food anytime and all the time.

As is usual, he was taunted by his peers over his obesity.  He became so fat that eateries dreaded his arrival and to keep him away from their shop, teased him a lot. His best friend realized that he was hurt; advised him to get proactive and do something about his weight rather than get into self-pity.

Chubby chap understood that he needs to  come out of this difficult situation and started investing his interest in food towards physical fitness. He huffed and puffed in the terrains beginning with as little as few feet per day. His physic got better and he began running miles every day.

His friends coaxed him into taking part in mini-marathons and he used the encouragement to compete in long distance marathons as well. The eateries, peers and friends who once made fun of him came to the tracks to cheer when he participated.

In the long run, he became a renowned sprinter. He came to accept the fact that there is always an opportunity hidden within difficulties. All we need to do is identify it and go ahead.

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Good Thoughts

Thought Thought (Day 37: 06 Aug 2013)

bring along good tides.

The world is a mirror; it can only reflect what is put in front of it.
Felicity, as is her name, was a very happy person. There was always an aura of cheerfulness where ever she happened to be. Everyone she knew liked to be having her around. Every day, Felicity thanked her late granny for making her who she is today.

When granny passed away last year, the locals witnessed the most crowded funeral ever in their locality. Friends, family, and people whom many did not know turned up to pay their last respects. While she lived, granny believed that what she did not see did not exist. She saw only the good in people and conveniently ignored any other trait in them.

She believed only good things will come our way as long we do not think badly of others. She went around doing good things for people in her neighborhood.  Even within her family, she had a knack of projecting positiveness all the time. Even she had to take sides during the kid’s fights, or handle her husband’s wrath, or face hard times, granny never let go of her “do good, feel good” attitude. At the end of the day, her household went to bed feeling complete.

As her kids grew up, the goodness imbibed into them by their mom grew and spread wherever they went. What began with her did not stop with her. Felicity was lucky to grow up under granny’s “goodness” wings and it sure did rub on her. Though Felicity is a busy career woman, she helped granny until her last days to help people who were in need. She lives by her granny’s motto – Do good for people, do good work, think good thoughts, be good to yourself and then only good things are bound happen. 

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See Good

Thought Thought (Day 36 - 5 Aug 2013)

in bad and make best of it to your benefit. 

Success is sweetest when you were able to come out of your own doubts and break free from inhibitions to achieve your goal.

This is about a guy who was unwell as a child. He had a medical complication that did not allow him to attend regular school like the rest of us. He was home tutored for few years, then attended private coaching classes and cleared his higher secondary board exams. He scored pretty well, but then in our Indian scenario universities/ colleges do not give preference to private students. It was fated that these students have to continue their studies through distance education again. Even if they do graduate thus, corporate firms do not hire them.

This was what happened to our guy as well. He was pushed into an abyss with not much opportunity to be like a normal kid his age. He was very depressed over his fate; hated everything and blamed everyone for his status. (Let us not talk about the school or college drop-outs who later ruled the world. This is only about this kid who wanted nothing more than be accepted as any other student from the main stream schools/ colleges).

During this phase between high school and college admission, he took up social work in search of inner peace. He came across people who were under privileged than him making something productive of what they had.  His inferiority complex of “I am unable; it is impossible for me to achieve anything” changed for the better. Every day he woke up with the thought “It is POSSIBLE; I am ABLE”. The thought change in him opened new roads and new opportunities.

He finished his under-grad via distance education; took up extra courses; started inventing gadgets that the under privileged (who inspired him) could use to better their livelihood. He also made sure to patent his inventions. His growing popularity among the public earned his name and fame. The same university that denied him admission earlier made him their permanent guest of honor and offered open invitation as their trainer. The main stream students thronged to learn from him.

Today, during every lecture or training session he starts by encouraging everyone to believe is the magic words “POSSIBLE and ABLE” and how it made a huge impact in his life. 
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Nothing Lasts

Thought Thought (Day 35 - 4 Aug 2013)

like relationships. Be it with relatives or friends.

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Be Educated

Thought Thought (Day 34 - 3 Aug 2013)

Do not just be literate.

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Thought Thought (Day 33 - 2 Aug 2013)

 can make you who you want to be.

I want to share my own experience today. This was when I was in my 2nd or 3rd std, all I wanted to do was play, play and play some more. Though playing is good, it did not take me anywhere and make me think any different than already. Way back then, we did not have a TV in most of the houses and we would wait for weekend to throng out community recreation center to watch Chitrahar and Appu-Aur-Pappu. And in school, we were made to watch some science related stuff on some days – can’t remember what. Later, when TVs became popular, I was totally addicted to it (I still am, but just not able to find time to give in to the addiction).

May be dad thought that I was becoming an idiot in front of the big box. He gave me the most wonderful gift I’ve ever received till date. A subscription with the local library. A voracious reader himself, he encouraged me read anything and everything I could get access to. He said I might, at some point, like a genre which I would like better than others. Reading books opened a new world to me. It let my imagination fly with every book I read.

A book can create an entirely different imagination to each person who reads it. It encourages us to think beyond what reaches the eyes. As they say, books are always a man’s best friend (the other is the dog, of course).  Though I love watching all those travel & movie channels on TV, I personally feel it limits your thought process. Everything is presented in front of you and says “this is it”. You tend to accept it and move on with life. But with books, even before you finish a story, you can come up with different climaxes and endings. You can alter the story as you feel best. Not so with what is on TV.

I do not know if I have become an extraordinary person by having a small library at home or reading lots of books, but I sure have learnt about many extraordinary people. In fact, all that information has made me extra-ordinary; books have humbled me :)

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Thought Thought (Day 32 - 1 Aug 2013)

is only an excuse. 

There were these twin brothers Gagan and Akash, who grew up together with the same kind of opportunities spread before them. They dreamed about joining the prestigious Harvard University for graduation, prepared for it right from their high school days.  Gagan and Akash were both academically strong. Years passed with their passion growing every day. When it was time to apply for their preferred courses, they had all the grades and financial means such that the university had no other option but to enroll both of them. 

As fate would have it, Akash met with an accident the same month they had to travel to MA. He lost his eye sight and was paralyzed down from the hips in the accident and becomes ineligible to join for the course he opted for. He was a very positive child and he coaxed Gagan to go ahead and conquer the world through Harvard, as they always wanted to.

Akash was not a loser. He recovered his mental strength in no time and started analyzing what else he could do to be at Harvard. He knew in his heart that his other passion “music” was his ticket to Harvard. He knew it was better late than never. He invested all his persuasiveness and stamina into making music his métier. By end of two years, he had gained his eye sight partially. He once again applied for Harvard in the Arts and Culture department, attended all this interviews over video conferencing. He stole all their hearts with his musical skills, varied knowledge about music, his positive outlook on life and bagged the seat.

Akash believed failure was an excuse that losers use to not pursue their dreams. To him, failure was never an option. He was always a winner.

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